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Therefore, it continues its production by taking all necessary precautions regarding environment and human health.

Insu Teknik always put health and safety of its employees to its priority as moving with environmental awareness in all its processes.

Insu Teknik carries out its work considering work safety required by laws and world standards. Moreover Insu Teknik requires its employess and other stakeholder to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety. Therefore it organizes regular trainings to eliminate risks and prepares a safe and healthy environment for its stakeholders as providing safe products to its customers with environmental friendly manner.

Briefly, the environment, occupational health and safety has become a part of an institutional culture.

Insu Teknik will continue to provide quality products to its customers with its continuous improvement and development principle in its investments and projects, keeping the environment and human health at the forefront. Therefore, Insu Teknik commits to;

  • comply with the legislation regarding the environmental and occupational health safety in all activities,
  • take preventive measures against occupational accidents,
  • work to prevent environmental pollution,
  • improve continously work safety and environmental awareness together with all employees,
  • educate its employess regularly to raise awareness about the environment, occupational health and safety,
  • follow technological developments in occupational health and safety, shaping their investments and work accordingly,
  • use natural resources in the most efficient way, to minimize the wastes generated,
  • find out and remove the factors that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases proactively,
  • provide a safe, healthy and zero-accident work environment for all its employees.