İnsu Teknik
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In this context, to achieve a sustainable growth and to be more effective in production, Insu Teknik is following innovations in the technology and implementing them in to its processes.

Since the first day of the company, Insu Teknik has been giving great importance to R&D activities and has been making non-stop investments in advanced technology.

Insu Teknik makes a difference with its high quality products and services while it is focusing on creativity and innovation.

Moving forward with the goal of being a World Brand, Insu Teknik applies these new technologies to create solutions which the industry requires.

Insu Teknik will continue to follow up all technological developments and innovation-oriented work to be able to exist in global markets as a Global Brand.

With its experienced and design capable engineer pool, Insu Teknik works hard and continously in product, process and technology developments for the vehicles of the future.

The durabilty test under temperature, corrosion test, speed and force measuring devices are specially designed test machines for our customers to let them track our production quality.

The fully automatic painting line is the latest technology in the world. With this line and coating alternatives, more than 200 hours corrosion resistance is obtained. Moreover, dynamic damping, gas filling unit with instantaneous pressure measuring, semi-automatic lift support assembly unit are examples of innovative production approach.