İnsu Teknik
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As the relationship with its employees, customers and stakeholders driven by respect and sympathy, Insu Teknik gives great importance to personal data protection.

In all domestic and international activities, İnsu Teknik, guided by the laws and fulfills its obligations with a great sense of responsibility.

Insu Teknik acts fairly towards all its employees and shows the necessary effort for their individual development.

Insu Teknik provides a safe and healthy work environment in which all employees can work in peace.


  • Success can only be achieved through teamwork and the work is done with the help of cooperation
  • Insu Teknik avoids behaviors which may disrupt the work environment and reduce productivity.
  • Follows all rules regarding occupational safety and health protection
  • Is aware of the responsibilities towards customers, suppliers, employees and confidential information is not disclosed
  • Avoids all kind of behaviors which may damage the reputation of the company and its employees.