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BC Series Black / Chrome

BC series – Black Body with Chrome Rod Gas Springs

The body of our gas springs are made of high quality seamless tubes, treated with phosphate before painting to increase protection against corrosion, and help the special grade paint adhere to the body of the gas spring strongly.

Our two point spray gun paint system seales extremities and hard to reach places of the body of the gas spring for better protection againstdeteriration of the paintand corrosion.

The rods are machined on centerless grinding and polishing machines and then treated with centerless rollers to obtain a smooth surface for the long life cycle that our gas springs have.

Rod diameters are checked with lasers for imperfections and diameter fluctuations to meet OEM specs.

Rods are Chrome Plated for hardening and resistance to corrosion.

Internal components such as seeals, washers and o-rings are procured from suppliers who are TS16949 and ISO9001 certified manufacturers.